Images to Tell a Story
‘The Coming of the Faerie Lady’ by W. Graham Robertson, 1911. - Source
“The Seven Princesses” 1905 by Pamela Colman Smith
Donald Grant Mitchell, Dream Life (1899)

Amelia Bauerle (Bowerley) (1873 – 1916), “Aucassin and Nicolette” - via
The Juniper Tree by Kay Nielsen.
Johnny Gruelle ~ from Grimm’s Fairy Tales ~ 1918 ~ via 

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via

She had never seen such magic fires. Great suns whirled round, gorgeous fire-fish hung in the blue air, and all was reflected in the calm and glassy sea.

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via
The strangest trees and flowers grow there, with leaves and stems so flexible that at the least motion of the water they move just as if they were alive.

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via
In her garden she would have nothing but the rosy flowers like the sun up above, except a statue of a beautiful boy, hewn out of the purest white marble.

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via
In the middle of the room was a broad stream of running water, and on this stream the mermaids and mermen danced to their own beautiful singing.

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via
At the mere sight of the bright liquid which sparkled in her hands like a shining star, they drew back in terror.

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via
One night her sisters came. They sang so sorrowfully as they swam on the water that she beckoned to them and they told her how she had grieved them all.