Images to Tell a Story
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ When You Do Dance I Wish You A Wave O’ the Sea ~ via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ The Dream Shop ~ via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ Poem:The Dream Shop ~ via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ Poem: The Garden of Dreams ~ via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ Apotheosis of Columbine ~ via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ The Shepherdess ~ via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ The Dandelion Fairy ~ via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ The Winds Fly Fast to Their Home ~ 20th Century ~ via and via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ The End of the Story ~ 20th Century ~ via and via
Margaret Rice Oxley ~ A Voyage of Dreams ~ 20th Century ~ via and via
The Little Fairy 
19th century chromolithographic illustration
Anne Anderson ~ Her True Love ~ Aucassin and Nicolete ~ 1911 ~ via
'To the chamber then went they,There where Nicholete did stay,When her true love she did see,Never one so glad as she.’
Anne Anderson ~ Little Lonely Wight ~ Aucassin and Nicolete ~ 1911 ~ via
'On the window marble-dightLeaned the little lonely wight.She had hair all golden-bright,Brows as fine as fine could be.Clear her face and oval-wise.Never fairer met your eyes!’
Anne Anderson ~ Down the Garden ~ Aucassin and Nicolete ~ 1911 ~ via
'Took her gown in one hand before and theother hand behind, and tucked up her skirt becauseof the dew which she saw was heavy on the grass,and escaped down the garden.’
Anne Anderson ~ Fair Children ~ Aucassin and Nicolete ~ 1911 ~ via
"Fair children," said she, "do you know Aucassin the son of  the Count Garrin of Biaucaire?”