Images to Tell a Story
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, The Fairy of the Snow, 1920s

Dorothy Lathrop ~ The Little Mermaid ~ 1939 ~ via
The strangest trees and flowers grow there, with leaves and stems so flexible that at the least motion of the water they move just as if they were alive.
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Arthur Rackham ~ Undine by De la Motte Fougue ~ 1909
Soon she was lost to sight in the Danube.
Notice the Faces in the Waves
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Arthur Rackham ~ Jewels from the Deep ~ 1909
Pen and Ink and Watercolor ~ 356 x 253 mm
Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, UK
According to Arthur Rackam: A Biography by James Hamilton, p. 79, this watercolor painting may be associated with Undine, which Rackham was illustrating in 1909.
Arthur Rackham ~ The Fairies of the Serpentine ~ Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens ~ 1906 ~ via
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Arthur Rackham ~ Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens ~ 1906 ~ via
Fairies never say, ‘We feel happy’: what they say is, ‘We feel dancey’ 
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Annie French ~ The Young Artist
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Cover illustration by Elenore Plaisted Abbott for The Queen of the City of Mirth c.1911