Images to Tell a Story
Peacock Dress - W.T.Benda ~1920
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ Little Blue Flower ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~ viaNow he could reach up and touch Swanhild’s hands.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ The Princess Who Despised All Men ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
Upon the back of his noble steed the Princegallantly lifted his beautiful charge.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ Ringfalla Bridge ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
And then little Kirsten came smiling out of the water.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ Title Page ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ How Sampo Lappelill Saw the Mountain KIng ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
"That, O King, is a lie as big as yourself!" exclaimed Sampo.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ The Three Valleys ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
The eagle swooped down with a wild cry.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ The Strawberry Thief ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
But Fried held him fast.
William Ladd Taylor - Awaiting his Return
Herbert Cole, She dreamt that two fair knights came to her side, 1867-1931 - via
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Charles Robinson ~ Beauty and the Beast ~ The Big Book of Fairy Tales ~ 1911 ~ via
Charles Robinson ~ Cinderella ~ The Big Book of Fairy Tales ~ 1911 ~ via
Charles Robinson ~ The Frog Prince ~ The Big Book of Fairy Tales ~ 1911 ~ via
The Frog Fetches the Golden Ball
Charles Robinson ~ Hansel and Grethel ~ The Big Book of Fairy Tales ~ 1911 ~ via
Hansel and Grethel in the Forest