Images to Tell a Story
Harpist. Greek Virgins series (1900). Raphael Kirchner (Austrian, Art Nouveau, 1876-1917). Publisher Theodor Stroefer. Lithograph with metallic pigment on card stock. Postcard.
Kirchner produced over a thousand published paintings and drawings, mostly in the form of picture postcards. Kirchner’s often mildly erotic paintings of feminine beauty, in convenient postcard and magazine page form, were among the early pin-ups favored by European and American soldiers in WW I.
Peacock Dress - W.T.Benda ~1920
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ Little Blue Flower ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~ viaNow he could reach up and touch Swanhild’s hands.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ The Princess Who Despised All Men ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
Upon the back of his noble steed the Princegallantly lifted his beautiful charge.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ Ringfalla Bridge ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
And then little Kirsten came smiling out of the water.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ Title Page ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ How Sampo Lappelill Saw the Mountain KIng ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
"That, O King, is a lie as big as yourself!" exclaimed Sampo.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ The Three Valleys ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
The eagle swooped down with a wild cry.
Frank Cheyne Papé ~ The Strawberry Thief ~ The Diamond Fairy Book ~ c1911 ~via
But Fried held him fast.
William Ladd Taylor - Awaiting his Return
Herbert Cole, She dreamt that two fair knights came to her side, 1867-1931 - via
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Charles Robinson ~ Beauty and the Beast ~ The Big Book of Fairy Tales ~ 1911 ~ via
Charles Robinson ~ Cinderella ~ The Big Book of Fairy Tales ~ 1911 ~ via
Charles Robinson ~ The Frog Prince ~ The Big Book of Fairy Tales ~ 1911 ~ via
The Frog Fetches the Golden Ball