Images to Tell a Story
Annie French (1872-1965) ~ The Flower Maiden ~ via Art of Narrative on Facebook ~ pen, ink & watercolor
Annie French (1872-1965) ~ The Forest Beloved ~ 1905 ~ via Art of Narrative on Facebook
Annie French (1872-1965) ~ Autumn ~ watercolor and gold ink on paper ~ via Art of Narrative on Facebook
Arthur Rackham ~ Jewels from the Deep ~ 1909
Pen and Ink and Watercolor ~ 356 x 253 mm
Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, UK
According to Arthur Rackam: A Biography by James Hamilton, p. 79, this watercolor painting may be associated with Undine, which Rackham was illustrating in 1909.
Natural Magic - Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale - 1870
Marianne Stokes - Aucassin and Nicolette
The Fair St George - John Gilbert - 1881
Edmund Dulac ~ But Nicolette One Night Escaped ~ Edmund Dulac’s Picture-Book for the French Red Cross ~ c1916 ~ from Art of Narrative on Facebook ~ If you enjoy golden age illustration from classic fairy tales, and the best in golden age artists & illustrators, please “like” my new Facebook page, Art of Narrative, to receive notification of new blog posts, and links to high resolution originals.
Spring’s Promise - Marjorie Miller ~1925
Perseus and Andromeda by Gustave Moreau c. 1870 oil on panel
Bristol City Museums and Art Gallery
Beatrice Goldsmith ‘Watching the Fairies’ 1925 watercolour on paper by Plum leaves on Flickr.
 Beatrice Goldsmith [English artist 1895-1947] Click image for 886 x 719 size.
Womanhood (1925) by Thomas Edwin Mostyn
Odilon Redon, Yellow Tree Against a Yellow Background 1901
William Henry Margetson - The Lady of the House